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Cajun and Creole Food of Louisiana

November 17th, 2022

When looking for a great travel destination within the United States with a different style of food and even a wide variety of cuisine, Louisiana would be a superb destination. Louisiana is most commonly known for its Creole, or Cajun food. Louisiana is quite literally a melting pot of cuisine with influences from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Asia, India, and Africa.

Seafood is a common food among the cuisine found in Louisiana is seafood. Crawfish, shrimp, oysters, and trout are very common throughout Louisiana. Two of the most popular dishes available in Louisiana are gumbo and jambalaya. There are two main types of gumbo; Creole and Cajun. Creole gumbo generally consists of shellfish, tomatoes, and a thickener. However, Cajun gumbo is generally spicier. Jambalaya contains meats, vegetables, and rice. Pretty much anything can be included in jambalaya.

A very common side dish that derived in Louisiana is dirty rice. Dirty rice is a traditional Cajun dish that starts off as white rice. The rice is cooked with chicken liver or giblets to give it the ‘dirty’ look. A lot of the time vegetables such as green bell peppers, celery, and onions are also added into the dirty rice. Dirty rice is most commonly found in the Cajun regions of Louisiana.

One last dish that is a popular mention among the Cajun community in Louisiana is crawfish étouffée. Crawfish étouffée is crawfish served over rice. It can tend to be very similar to gumbo depending on how it is made, but is very popular in Louisiana.

Traveling Across the State and the US With My Dad

April 22nd, 2022

Traveling to Grandma’s House when I was younger was a lot like weight loss. Riding in the back of a brown car that had no air conditioning and the wind blew in the car whipping around papers. Sweat would drip from my head like I was in a sauna. Living in Colorado, the weather seems to fluctuate when you travel. However, I was riding along on a hot dusty road for two hours and the scenery left little to be desired. It wasn’t like one was trekking up into the Rocky Mountains or exploring the Yucatan Peninsula. No it was more like the Arabian Desert smack dab in Southeastern Colorado. We would travel across such wonders as the Arkansas River then pass the golf course and who could ever forget that famous “Turkey Gut” Lake. So for those of you who know those famous landmarks in Colorado, you will be able to find which roads I was riding on. Just a hint: I traveled by Arlington, Colorado. Now that is probably a dead give away.

While taking those trips to see my Grandparents one learned patience and how to amuse themselves in the car: Counting telephone poles, cars and how many miles you could travel until you had to run into Grandma’s house and make a B Line for the bathroom.. Well the last one wasn’t optional when my Father drove. When we started our excursion, we had one goal and that was to get to the end of that excursion. Be it a road trip that was 15 miles or traveling to Florida. Many a times I remember waking upon the LBJ seeing all the cars at night traveling back and forth. Oil Lamps were on the road prior to the yellow signs to help drivers yield to the correct lane. Ah but when traveling to Florida, my favorite stop was in the state of Georgia. Why? Because of the peaches and the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Beautiful state of Georgia. Many times I would have my Mother wake me up when we were heading to Georgia just so I could look out the window until we stopped for our batch of peaches. Using the “are we there yet” phrase existed but I enjoyed the traveling. Looking out to see the Gulf of Mexico or the lush green tributaries that ran through the state of Louisiana.